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Evidence for loss of function phenotype
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23812780 Landowski et al. (2013) studied 87 unrelated patients with a clinical diagnosis of Diamond Blackfan Anemia (DBA) (thought to be a disorder of ribosome biogenesis and/or function); all patients had previously had negative sequencing studies of all currently known ribosomal protein (RP) genes. The authors screened the patients using an array with enriched coverage over known RP genes and 117 additional genes "shown to be involved in human ribosomal biogenesis or homologous to yeast pre-ribosomal factors." They identified 6 deletions in RP genes amongst 6 patients, including a de novo 2.1 kb deletion in RPS26 including exons 1-4 (of 4 exons; Fig 1D). The authors showed that pre-ribosomal RNA processing was affected in cell lines established from patient cells.

Evidence for Triplosenstive Phenotype

NOTE:The loss of function score should be used to evaluate deletions, and the triplosensitivity score should be used to evaluated duplications. CNVs encompassing more than one gene must be evaluated in their totality (e.g. overall size, gain vs. loss, presence of other genes, etc). The rating of a single gene within the CNV should not necessarily be the only criteria by which one defines a clinical interpretation. Individual interpretations must take into account the phenotype described for the patient as well as issues of penetrance and expressivity of the disorder. ACMG has published guidelines for the characterization of postnatal CNVs, and these recommendations should be utilized (Genet Med (2011)13: 680-685). Exceptions to these interpretive correlations will occur, and clinical judgment should always be exercised.